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Paper Cup Sizes

Paper cups are used in different sizes depending on the purpose of use and the type of beverage.

We have compiled the term oz, which is used to describe the most widely used types of cardboard cups.

What does oz mean?

Oz is the universal measure used in the manufacture and sale of paper cups accepted all over the world.

According to the calculation in the spreadsheets, 1 oz is equal to approximately 29.57 milliliters.

In this case, the equivalent of the oz size of the most used cardboard cups in milliliters is as follows.

4 oz paper cup 100 ml

7 oz paper cup 180 ml

8 oz paper cup 200 ml

12 oz paper cup 300 ml

16 oz paper cup 400 ml

What Size Should I Choose

Paper cups are products that help us meet our needs in our daily lives. The paper cup you should choose will differ according to the type of beverage.The amount of your drink and how much you consume it in one go are decisive.

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