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The FSC certificate is the document of the organization that carries out international studies in the management and protection of all forests in the world.

Today, with modern life, the use of disposable products is increasing. Paper cups are one of the most used products among disposable products. Of course, it is very important that these products are recyclable.

Paper, which is the raw material of cardboard cups, is obtained from trees.As a multinational organization, “Forest Stewardship Council” (FSC) basically aims to protect the world's forests.
The starting period of this organization is in the early 90s.

It is a multinational corporation, not established for commercial or profit purposes, where many timber producers, consumers and non-governmental organizations come together and have chosen the city of Bonn (Germany) as their center point.

What Are the Objectives of the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)?

This organization is a system determined to ensure that every forest on earth is managed in the most appropriate and ideal way, world-class norms are established and these norms are accepted. In addition, this organization is the only organization in the world that supports this purpose and tries to reach its goal. This organization, whose main purpose is to prevent the cutting of more trees than it can regenerate in the same region, encourages the consumer to prefer products with FSC certificate.

What are the FSC Advantages and Benefits?

To prevent the deterioration of the balance and ecosystem structures of forests and the living creatures in the world.

It aims to reduce the use of harmful plant protection and pesticides that can harm trees and plants on the earth and the soil where they grow.

It tries to maintain the balance of natural structures of vegetation, forests and trees.

It aims to prevent uncontrolled and unconscious logging, reduction of forested and wooded areas, uncontrolled and unregistered logging.

It aims to respect all the rights of the local people living in the tree area to be cut for basic needs,

It aims to audit compliance with the certificate at regular intervals every year.

The importance of this certificate has become more important and understandable to companies with the increase in environmental and consumption awareness in the world, the products consumed are more environmentally friendly and recyclable, and the understanding of respect for nature and other living things has become widespread. Due to these standards and the consumer's search for these standards, many companies have started to prefer companies that have certificates. Firms with this certificate have their own websites, which are announced at certain intervals. In short, this organization aims for a better future by keeping under control that every tree that is cut is in a position to maintain the balance in the region where it is located, that the cut tree and the raw material used are under control and control, that there is no harm to nature and consumer health, and the world ecosystem.

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