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Useful & Practical

Colorful paper cups with a modern disayn...

Cardboard cups are the most commonly used disposable products, especially due to the intensity of modern life.

Make presentations to your guests with our cardboard cups in your crowded organizations, seminars, business meetings. You will feel the difference immediately.
With its elegant and cool appearance and stylish design, our cardboard cups will elevate the atmosphere of your environment.

In fact, increase your awareness even more by printing your company's logo and brand on cardboard cups.


Completely Biodegredable

Fully Recyclable Materials

Environmentally Friendly 

Plastic Free Production

Reduce The Carbon Footprint



The road to healthier and future generations primarily passes through our own habits. Let's start the change ourselves.

Production is made using fully recyclable raw materials.The organizations we supply raw materials have FSC certificate.

Our products have the necessary documents in terms of environment and human health. As food contact products, they are inspected by the relevant public authorities.

Disposable products are indispensable for daily life. Preferring these products from recyclables is very important for our environment.

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